Fruit Business Forum

FRUIT BUSINESS FORUM is a business event with the participation of Catalan fruit producers and exporters as well as with importers and distributors of different markets.

The aim is to create a platform where the interests of all parties can come together to generate business flows.

Catalonia, an open and dynamic economy

Catalonia is a country of Mediterranean Europe

with a GDP of over 200 billion euros and a GDP per capita of more than 28 thousand euros.

with an area of

0 km2

it has a population of

0 million inhabitants.

The industrial sector represents 20.2% of GVA. There are some industries that highlight:

food and beverage


chemicals and petroleum refining


metallurgy and manufacture of metal products


transport materials


Fresh fruit is one of Catalonia's main agricultural products in terms of its economic importance, crop surface, relative production significance both in Europe and Spain, and export levels. Catalonia is one of Europe's main production regions for sweet and citrus fruits and the largest in Spain. It is also the world's second biggest producer of peach and nectarine, fifht of pear and the world's twentieth biggest producer of apple.

There are over 50 thousand hectares of land where fruit trees are grown, which produce more than one million tonnes of fruit thanks to a region that is replete with diversity and the mild Mediterranean climate.

Catalonia offers a wide range of fruits with a unique specificity: the integrated production system in place.

It is also a major fruit exporter. Over 80% of all fruit produced in Catalonia is exported to foreign markets and our fruit is sold in European and international chains with the most stringent quality requirements.




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Central and North America

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